Public Relations Guyana
Our philosophy


Perception Public Relations is based on the very simple principle "make our clients look good."

Our aim is to ensure that the public sees the real you and understands what it is you stand for. We provide strong PR counsel designed to highlight your achievements. The art of PR is not to promote ourselves but to create trust and word of mouth recommendations.


The agency is headed by Ajay Baksh, who has had years of experience both in the media as a practitioner and in the field of Public Relations working for local, international, government and non-governmental entities. Put our excellent media contacts, our community mobilisation skills and public relations skills to work for you.


We believe in pro-active action over crisis communication.





Recent Projects

In January 2010 the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA), Guyana's largest foreign exchange earner, faced one of the largest challenges since the establishment of the GGDMA. The proposed imposition of a six month moratorium on mining. The lack of public support almost meant the passing of this proposed regulation. The industry needed to galvanise public support and demonstrate that it was not prepared to accept the new regulations as proposed.


Public support was galvanised, the opinion of the mining community was unified and a national meeting was demanded with the President of Guyana. The result, national recognition of the importance of mining, collective support from the mining community and the largest ever meeting held by a private group with the President of Guyana.The proposed regulation was revoked.



Guyana is among the first counties in the world to have a comprehensive set of standards, guidelines and principles for HIV prevention. UNAIDS in collaboration with the Ministry of Health needed editorial support to finalise the document in time for printing, publication and launching. We worked with the principals for their input and designed the final document used at the launching.




The roots of our experience include a variety of clients in varying fields and speak to our ability to connect diverse issues with the public. Our public relations experience started before the formal establishment of Perception and our expertise has been shared with a select few clients including:

  • The Delegation of the European Commission to Guyana and Suriname
  • The National Climate Change Unit, Ministry of Agriculture, Guyana
  • The Ministry of Public Works and Communications of Guyana
  • The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS in Guyana (UNAIDS)
  • The National AIDS Programme Secretariat in Guyana
  • Conservation International Guyana
  • The New GPC
  • The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association
  • The Inter-American Development Bank
  • Automatic Engineering Enterprises
  • Cassia Seafoods
  • The Candian High Commission in Guyana
  • Alfro Alphonso Enterprises
  • Pomeroon Oil Mills