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Our aim is to ensure that your objectives are achieived. We count our success by your reccomendation.


Today, anyone can place a press release in the papers or buy an advertisement, however, we at Perception move beyond media splashes.


We offer insight, strategy and research to help you accurately understand and manage your public image and develop trust. Perception will work to create sustainable and positive public perception to help you succeed and acheive your objectives.

We have extensive media experience. Over years we have developed excellent contacts and trust. This, along with our experience in skilfully crafting messages, specifically designed for different audiences, an extensive history of hands on media experience, and our ability to fully utilise new media, allows us to formulate the best possible strategy to help maximise impact and  create more than waves and ripples, we change the tide of public opinion.






More than Media relations



Reputation and the new media



Move beyond media releases and emails; let us work with you to help you build real and lasting relationships with the public. At Perception we employ a variety of techniques, strategies and tools to achieve your goals.


We believe that Public Relations is a long term commitment to carefully craft your vision into the same image that the public sees and associates with you.  It is about effective corporate and public communications that help bolster your most important asset in business, your reputation.


The time had arrived when more and more customers are making their decisions about products and companies based on the influence of their circles of friends and trust. Only Public Relations has the immediacy and transparency to build credibility and trust. Marketing and Advertising can only carry your company so far; Public Relations builds and develops real trust with your publics. We can help you achieve this. Perception Public Relations is a modern Public Relations firm in Guyana. We concentrate on improving the relationship between companies and clients. Our methods create trust that outlasts our engagement.



Our Services





Full Service

We are a full services Public Relations Agency providing strategic guidance to help your publics understand your vision and mission. Clearly articulating and where necessary, changing the public’s perception of your vision. We offer a full range of services designed to help achieve effective communications. We deliver the response which paid media alone cannot help you achieve; trust and word of mouth appreciation. Our services include:


  • Corporate Communications
  • Research
  • Media Relations
  • Editorial Services
  • Event Management
  • Public Consultations
  • Public Awareness
  • Social Media Engagement
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Public Relations Campaign for the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association to raise awareness and advocate for government action to revoke a proposal for a six months restriction on mining. The campaign involved and an aggressive media strategy, public rallies and community meetings.

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Stop Sexual Violence in Guyana. A campaign for the UNFPA. The aim was to create awareness about the growing problem of sexual violencein Guyana. We engaged the publics via social media and traditional outlets and continue to build a militant following for the cause.

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Media Relations for Conservation International Guyana for the launch of their global "Lost there, felt here." Our work covered the local aspect of the global launch which was done in New York.